GET Hands-on Experience

GET Hands-on Experience

The GET hands-on experience allows clinicians to gain practical experience in a controlled environment before treating patients in a real-world setting. With oversight from some of the leaders in the field of oral reconstruction, these courses offer a number of benefits over traditional lectures including:
Increased confidence: By performing techniques on models of simulated patients, dentists can become more comfortable with the clinical material covered in GET hands-on experience courses.
Improved dexterity: Hands-on education allows dentists to develop the manual skills necessary to perform procedures with precision and accuracy.
Greater understanding of the material: Practicing procedures in a hands-on setting can help dentists understand the concepts they learn in a more concrete and meaningful way.
No-risk environment: By practicing in a simulated environment, dentists can make mistakes and learn from them without compromising patient safety.
Expert feedback: Gain insight from clinicians who help guide you through advanced techniques in an environment where you can have all your questions answered while you develop your skills.





March 5
CDMX, Mexico
Pedro Gazzotti
April 15
Ponferrada, Spain
Ramon Gomez Meda
April 16
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Dr. Marius Steigmann
April 25
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Robert Stanley
May 4
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Dr. Vladislav Tomashpolskiy
May 10
United Kingdom
Dr. Robert Stanley
May 11
Dubai, UAE
Dr. Gonzalo Blasi
May 17
La Coruna, Spain
Dr. Ramon Gomez Meda
May 22
Quito, Ecuador
Dr. Salvador Garcia
June 26
Wimsheim, Germany
Dr. Frederic Hermann, Thomas Schibler